Cary’s Club Free Track of the Month – Sound Portals

The third installment of the Cary’s Club Free track of the month is here,!

This month’s track is “Sound Portals”. Each one of the musicians on this track was handpicked because of mutual musical understanding. Everyone on this track is dedicated to the elevation of the groove. I played with Aurelian Budynek (guitar) in Cindy Blackman’s Another Lifetime band, and Arun Ramamurthy and Sameer Gupta in multiple groups. It also features long term collaborators Ron Sutton and Daniel Moreno and Igmar Thomas.

The song is based on a North India Raga, Puriya Dhanashri. My mission was to harmonize a normally unharmonized musical form in an attempt to participate in the North Indian classical tradition. In order to incorporate the Western keyboards, I used the synth as my vocal because of its ability to bend notes. Also, the root rhythm is based from the Go Go bounce beat from DC.

Many thanks to the blogs that have been supporting the Cary’s Club Free track of the month,The Art of Cool Project and NextBop, by posting to their blogs and spreading the word about the free download. You can have a listen and download the track below. Sharing music is a beautiful thing, so enjoy and share away!

Marc Cary Focus Trio & Friends presents Cary’s Club Free Track of the month:

Marc Cary (synthesizers and keyboards)
Aurelien Budynek (guitar)
Burniss Travis (bass)
Ron Sutton (sax)
Sameer Gupta (drums and tabla)
Arun Ramamurthy – (violin)
Daniel Moreno – (percussion)
Igmar Thomas (trumpet)

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