Horace Silver’s Memorial Service

I really had a great experience celebrating Horace Silver’s transition in to the Spirit Ancestor Zone yesterday. There were many incredible spirits in the house, and I was truly humbled by the vibes. Ashé Horace!

One thought on “Horace Silver’s Memorial Service

  1. Olivier Berney

    A friend of mine sent me a few photos he took with his phone during Horace Silver funeral. Would you mind to indicate who are the musicians who played in the church? I recognized only Louis Hayes whom I first saw in 1959!
    I am a trumpet player and have a quintet “Horace-Scope” since 2008. I have transcribed more than 100 compositions of Horace. I have been a fan of Horace all my life.
    Thank you and sorry to bother you!
    Olivier Berney from Rome, Italy


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