Listen to the new GOGOPOLO mixtape

My roots are in the go-go dance halls of D.C., but from there I’ve found myself exploring Indian classical, electronic music, and extensions of straight-ahead and avant-garde jazz. It’s all here in the mixtapes I’ve been working out under the name GOGOPOLO. That’s a nickname that comes from what my mentor Arthur Taylor used to call me: He said I had a searching mind, so he used to refer to me as “Polo.”

In this music, I’m mixing that exploratory sense with my foundations in go-go. Check out one of these mixtapes in full for free below. And spread it around!

12 thoughts on “Listen to the new GOGOPOLO mixtape

  1. nativeson

    Without a doubt Marc Cary is this generations Miles Davis, always taking the music in a new direction

  2. Pat Brown

    I like. This reminds of old hang days at the Garage, where you changed to more comfortable clothes when you got there and danced until you were tired and just plopped where you were on the floor.


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