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  1. nativeson

    Without a doubt Marc Cary is this generations Miles Davis, always taking the music in a new direction

  2. Pat Brown

    I like. This reminds of old hang days at the Garage, where you changed to more comfortable clothes when you got there and danced until you were tired and just plopped where you were on the floor.

  3. Olivier Berney

    A friend of mine sent me a few photos he took with his phone during Horace Silver funeral. Would you mind to indicate who are the musicians who played in the church? I recognized only Louis Hayes whom I first saw in 1959!
    I am a trumpet player and have a quintet “Horace-Scope” since 2008. I have transcribed more than 100 compositions of Horace. I have been a fan of Horace all my life.
    Thank you and sorry to bother you!
    Olivier Berney from Rome, Italy