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I am working on a new compilation brought to you by CARYOUT PRODUCTIONS, it will feature unreleased music from my production catalog. Soon come! My Bandcamp is also featuring a monthly free track giveaway. We’ve already got three free downloads up along with the rest of the Marc Cary catalogue. This past week, we have been shown lots of love from several other blog sites who posted links for the free downloads, The Art of Cool Project, Nextbop, and Revive Music. So stay tuned because we’ve got lots more music for all you audiophiles out there. There are some links to get you all started below, including May and June’s free downloads… Just in case you missed them.

Visit the Caryout Productions Bandcamp page for free downloads and much more. You can keep up with everything Marc Cary on Facebook and Tour Dates.

Marc Cary Focus Trio & Friends presents Cary’s Club Free Track of the month:

Listen to the new GOGOPOLO mixtape

My roots are in the go-go dance halls of D.C., but from there I’ve found myself exploring Indian classical, electronic music, and extensions of straight-ahead and avant-garde jazz. It’s all here in the mixtapes I’ve been working out under the name GOGOPOLO. That’s a nickname that comes from what my mentor Arthur Taylor used to call me: He said I had a searching mind, so he used to refer to me as “Polo.”

In this music, I’m mixing that exploratory sense with my foundations in go-go. Check out one of these mixtapes in full for free below. And spread it around!